To all our valued customers,
We would like to thank you for your continued support, patience, and loyalty throughout these difficult times. We are so pleased both salons are open for all hair and beauty treatments.
There will be some changes in place when you next visit us. We hope to continue to make your visit to Elwood’s a pleasant and welcoming experience.
We have been following advice & guidance from the Government, NHBF (National Hair & Beauty Federation) and other trusted hair and beauty industry authorities.
Please carefully read our new safety regulations & procedures for clients. We do not want to bore you too much, but it is important.
If you would like to read further into what we are doing to keep you and our staff safe, feel free to read the rest.
*All these terms are subject to change.

New safety regulations and procedures for Clients

1- Reschedule if you are feeling ill or someone in your household is.
2- Client arrival - No waiting area- Go to our reception desk where a member of staff will welcome you in.
3- Face masks- You must arrive with a clean facemask (if you struggle to get hold of one, we have facemasks and will charge a fee of £1. Hand sanitiser provided on arrival.)
4- We will not be offering drinks, however you are welcome to bring your own lidded drinks.
5- No Magazines will be provided, you can bring your own.
6- Come to your appointment alone unless you have a carer or supervising a child.
7- Keep belongings to a minimum.
8- No dogs allowed unless they are guide dogs.
9- No Walk-in appointments. CALL salon to book appointments.
10- Deposits taken.
11- Price increase (July 2020)
12- Patch testing for all colour work (hair &beauty)
13- Clients to wear old clothing for colour/chemical work and dont wear precious or expensive jewellery.                                                                                                                     14- Cash and card payments are accepted.


1- Reschedule if you are feeling ill:
We know it might difficult to get another appointment & understand how important your hair and beauty regime may be, however if you are feeling unwell, showing symptoms of covid-19 or have been in contact with someone that has had the virus, please be honest and cancel your appointment and do not come to the salon.

2- Client arrival - No Waiting room:
We have been advised to remove our waiting area to limit the amount of people we have in at once. We advise you to not turn up too early as we will not be able to let you wait inside.
It is especially important you turn up on time and not late as we have the right to refuse your appointment.

We have missed you all so much and would love to give you a hug or shake your hand, but unfortunately for now we are not allowed to do this.

3- Face masks/Client hygiene:
You will be required to wash your hands with handwash and water when you enter the salon (supplied by Elwood’s). It is now mandatory to wear a clean facemask on arrival and during your treatment being that it is very close contact services. We also have hand held visors if you feel your face mask is too much. We have hand sanitiser throughout the salon for you to use. All clients that have a medical condition that would be severly affected by wearing a mask will be exempt. If you are exempt you will be asked to show proof of exemption. All staff will be wearing face visors/safety glasses and a mask. If you are having colour, please bring 2 facemasks with you, and not nice fancy ones as they will get colour on them. If you struggle to get hold of a facemask, we can supply you with one for £1.

4- No teas or coffees:
This is something we love to provide for our clients with a nice biscuit, but for the time being unfortunately we will not be able to offer refreshments to keep everyone safe, You are more than welcome to bring your own drinks in a cup with a lid, bottle or carton.

5- No magazines:
Again, this is something we love to provide for you, because who has the time to read gossip magazines unless they are at the salon! But again for your own safety and to limit anything being shared we have decided to get rid of our magazines. You can bring your own magazines/books.

6- Come to your appointment alone:
To limit the amount of people we have in the salons we ask you to come to your appointment alone unless you have a carer or for children that must be accompanied by their parent for their hair appointments (both must wear facemasks). So, no friends, partners/spouses or family.

7- Keep belongings to a minimum:
Bring only what you need to your appointment. If you need to bring a jacket, make sure it is not big and bulky. You will be provided with a clean bag for you put your belongings in which you will keep with you for the duration of your visit.

8- No Dogs allowed:
No dogs allowed into the salon unless they are guide dogs.

9- No walk-in appointments:
Please call us to arrange an appointment. We might not be able to answer the phone as we will be very busy with clients and limiting the amount of people in our reception area. However we will have our answer machines on so please leave a clear message with your name, number (please repeat your number slowly) and a short message and we will call you back when we can. Even If your call is answered you may still be asked to leave a message. We understand this may be frustrating but please be assured all calls will be returned at our soonest convenience.

10- Deposits taken:
We may ask you for a deposit to secure your appointment. At times like this time is very precious. We will not be able to fit as many appointments in as normal, and if we experience a “NO SHOW” we lose those hours of potential income. A deposit is a commitment that you were asked to make to us as we give our time to you. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy if you cancel before that you get your deposit back.

11- Price increase:
(JULY 2020) There will a slight price increase on our hair and beauty services. We have managed to keep most of our prices the same for over 10 years. But with everything increasing in price we have no option.

12- Patch testing:
We are asking all colour clients to have a new patch test. That is for full head colour, highlights, low lights, eyebrow tint, eyelash tint & lash lift. This must be done at least 48 hours before your appointment.

13- Clients to wear old clothing for all colour/chemical services:
We try our absolute best to ensure you are thoroughly gowned up for colour services and to protect you and your clothes, however accidents can happen, and for some services we are using disposable towels and gowns which are not as thick and durable as normal towels. Also please dont wear your favorite/precious earings or necklaces to your visit. Sometimes earings can get lost whilst washing hair or throughout the treatment. Necklaces can also get caught in the towels. We would feel awful if we lost/broke your jewellery. So please do not wear your favourite expensive clothes & jewellery for your visit to Elwood’s!

14- Both cash and card payments will be accepted.

New safety regulations and procedures for salon and staff

1- Staff will always be wearing full PPE
2- Staff hygiene
3- Greet our clients with a welcome pack
4- Social distancing
5- Some services/treatments that will not be available
6- No sharing hair and beauty tools, styling products, beauty products.
7- Single use gowns, towels, nail files.
8- Tools sanitisation
9- Chair and section sanitisation
10- Therapy room sanitisation
11- Toilet cleaning regime
12- Reception area cleaning regime
13- End of day cleaning regime

1- Staff will be wearing full PPE:
All staff will be wearing full PPE: Face visor or saftey glasses, disposable aprons and gloves. 

2- Staff hygiene:
Staff will wear clean clothing each day. Staff will wear a new disposable apron for every client. Staff will thoroughly wash hands before and after each client, after eating, smoking, toilet, handling dirty laundry, sneezing & coughing. Staff will wear new gloves for each client (with treatments that require gloves). We will always wear a face mask and  face visor or safety glasses, that will be changed and sanitized throughout the day.

3- Greet our clients with a welcome pack:
All hair Clients will be given a welcome pack consisting of: Clean towels, Gown/cape, and a clean bag for you to put your belongings in.

4- Social Distancing:
It is almost impossible to social distance in a hair & beauty salon. We have taken extra measures to minimise risk for the health and safety of our staff and clients.
Only every other hair section will be used ensuring a safe distance between other clients and limiting the amount of people in at once. Most beauty treatments will now be done in our therapy rooms unless there is the space to do certain treatments
in the salon. Reception area closed off and no walk-in appointments welcome, ensuring we can control the amount of people we have in at one time.

5- Some services and treatments will not be available:
Due to a high risk we have been advised to limit our services and treatments. This will include:
Dry cuts (all haircuts must be washed in the salon before we cut.), No fringe trims, no children’s dry cuts (All hair must be washed in the salon first, children 5 and under can pre wash hair at home before appointment). * All these terms are subject to change.

6- No sharing hair & beauty tools, styling products and beauty products:
There will be no sharing hair and beauty tools, each stylist and therapist will have all their own tools which are to be sanitised after each client and stored separately from others. For hygiene reasons Stylists will have their own styling products and beauty therapists will have the same for their beauty products.

7- Single use towels, gowns, and nail files:
No client will be using a used towel or gown/cape. All clients will have clean towels for hair and beauty services. All hair clients will have a clean gown/cape. After each use they will be disposed of ready to be laundered. All single use items will be thrown away. All nail files will be single use, we can assure you that we will use a brand-new nail file and nail buffer for each client.

8- Tool Sanitation:
All non-porous items (scissors, combs, clips, tweezers, nippers, brushes, hair, and beauty tools) will be cleaned and disinfected using Barbicide®️ (Approved for efficiency against human coronavirus. It is a registered disinfectant that is bactericidal, viricidal, and fungicidal).

9- Chair and section sanitation:
Each section and chair will have a full clean after each client. It is a two-step cleaning regime which consists of cleaning the area first with detergent and warm water, then sprayed with a disinfectant after. All electrical items will be cleaned and sanitized according to manufacturer’s instructions.

10- Therapy room sanitation:
All therapy rooms, manicure and pedicure areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client. This is a two-step cleaning regime consisting of cleaning the area first with detergent and warm water, then sprayed with a disinfectant. All single use items will be new. Clean towels to be used for each client. All single use items to be thrown away, and towels to be disposed of ready to be laundered

11- Toilet cleaning regime:
Client and staff Toilets will be checked throughout the day, cleaned, and disinfected daily (minimum 2 times). There will be hand wash and disposable hand towels.

12- Reception area cleaning regime:
Reception area will be cleaned several times throughout the day by all members off staff, and after use of the phone, cards machines, cash till.

13- End of day cleaning regime:
Each stylist & therapist are responsible to wipe down and fully clean their tools, section, chairs, workspace, treatment room. Floors to be mopped with bleach. Barbicide®️ to be changed daily. Kitchen area, staff room and toilets will be full cleaned and disinfected.

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