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 ALL prices are from:    
Wet Cut (Includes a rough dry) £38.00 £32.00
Cut and Finish  £43.00 ~ £53.00  £37.00 ~ £44.00
Cut & Finish Restyle £56~£61.00 £47~£52.00
Dry Cut £31.00 £27.00
 Hair must be freshly washed, dried and straightened if wavy/curly.     
Childtrens prices    
Dry cut (5 & under) £14.00 £14.00
(6-12 years) £16 ~ £20.00 £16 ~ £20.00
Wet Cut Additional £5 Additional £5
Childrens Restyle (Hairwash additional £5) £24.00 £24.00
Blow Dry    
Short Hair  £28.00 £23.00
Mid-Long Hair  £33.00 £28.00
GHD Curls £35 £30
Blow Dry package:         Buy 4 Blow dries and receive the 5th one Free! * T&C's apply.    
shampoo and set £26 ~ £31.00 £22~ £27.00
Hair up/Bridal hair  In salon quotation only  
Conditioning hair mask £10.00 £10.00
Wash House Experience £15.00 £15.00
Wash House & Blow Dry £35.00-£40 £32.00-£37
(This is a relaxing conditioning hair treatment with essential oils and a scalp massage)    
Keratin smoothing system    
Keratin 3-5 month service: Tames the hair and reduces frizz. Reshapes the hair with desired reduction in volume. Long lasting transformation into perfectly soft and smooth hair thats lasts 3-5 months.

In salon quotation only. Deposit required.

2.5 - 3 hour treatment time.

In salon quotation only. Deposit required.

2.5 - 3 hour treatment time.

Keratin De frizz 4-6 week service: Controls frizz, beautifies the hairs natural shape and Improves managebility for 4-6 weeks. In salon quotation only. deposit required. 1 hour treatment time. In salon quotation only. Deposit required. 1 hour treatment time.
High/low lights    
Full Head ~ Short £72.00 £62.00
Full Head ~ Medium £79.00 £69.00
Full Head ~ Long £99.00 £89.00
1/2 Head High Lights £59~ £69.00 £52~ £57.00
T- Section High Lights £44.00 £37.00
Cap £44.00 £39.00
Scalp Bleach    
Full Head £59~£79.00 £49~£64.00
Roots £49.00 £41.00
Tint (permenant) £44 ~ £59.00 £44 ~ £59.00
Quasi £39~£49.00 £39~£49.00
Semi £34~£39.00 £34~£39.00
Toner £17~£30.00 £17.00 ~ £30.00
Fibreplex  £12~£20.00  £12-£20.00
Ombre By quotation only. Salon Consultation required.  
Balayage By quotation only. Salon consultation required.  
Colour correction By quotation only. Salon consultation required.  
Perms £54 ~ £67.00  
Top Perm £42 ~ £47.00  
Spiral Perms  by quotation only  
* Skin testing required for hair colouring 48 hours before appointment.
* All prices include 20% VAT, products and refreshments

 Gentlemens cuts 

 Cut and Finish £20 - £25
 (This includes a hair wash, dry and styling with products)  
 Dry Cut £17.00
Beard trim/ Grade over  £5-£10
Skin Fade  £2 suppliment in addition to our standard price due to the precision and extra time required.
 The wash house experience £15.00
 (This is a relaxing conditioning treatment with essential oils and a scalp massage)  
 For gents colouring and chemical treatments please refer to prices above.  
*Skin testing is required for hair colouring 48 hours before appointment.
*All prices include 20% VAT, products and refreshments......
Arrival time:
To make sure you receive the full benefit from your visit to Elwoods, please arrive on time for your appointment. 
Medical Information:
Please make us aware of any relevant medical information at the time of your booking. Some treatments maybe unsuitable or require adjusting. This is for the health and safety of our clients.
Cancellation policy: 
Your appointment is very important to us and is reserved especially for you. We understnd schedule adjustments are sometimes necessary, so we respectfully request 24-48 hours notice for cancellations/reschedulling.                       *72 hours notice will be required for weddings or bigger hair and beauty treatments.
We may ask for a deposit to secure your appointment. A deposit is a commitment that you are asked to make as we give our time to you. We require 48-72 hours notice (depending on the length of your service) for you to reschedule your appointment and your deposit will be carried over to your new appointment. If you fail to comply with this policy or cancel your appointment you will lose your deposit.
Please wear old clothing for all colour and technical work. We have all the protective equipment and try our absoloute best to protect you and your clothing. However accidents can happen.
Please dont wear any expensive or precious jewellery. Sometimes earrings can get lost when washing the hair or throughout a treatment.
We would feel awful if we lost or broke your jewellery. So please do not wear your favorite items to the salon!

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